Pescarus Square

Year                            2023

Program:                  Commercial

Location:                 Constanța

Surface:                  430,5 sqm

Status:                  Feasibility Study

The Pescăruș Markethall in Constanța has been redesigned with meticulous attention to architecture and functionality, becoming not only a commercial center but also a public space that encourages interaction and the exchange of ideas. The new design, based on a central structure made of laminated wood, integrates contemporary and practical elements into a friendly and harmonious framework. In the center of the square, a generous area with green spaces, artesian fountains, and urban furniture made of laminated wood invites for rest and contemplation. The central pavilion, carefully designed and constructed from laminated wood, serves as the nucleus of the square, providing a pleasant shelter for both commercial and cultural activities. The pavilion not only hosts but also seamlessly integrates the stalls and spaces designated for events, contributing to the creation of a cohesive and balanced atmosphere.

The diversity of commercial offerings, presented discreetly within the pavilion, intertwines with the overall atmosphere of the square without compromising its architectural character. Spaces dedicated to cultural events have been thoughtfully created to fit into the urban landscape, transforming the square into a vibrant and dynamic place. Pescăruș Markethall is not just a shopping destination but also a revitalized urban space where people can meet, socialize, and celebrate within a distinctive architectural and landscaped setting. The subtle lighting and sound systems, carefully integrated into the laminated wood structure, complement the market’s architecture, providing a pleasant experience, especially during the evenings.

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