Lined up houses Bacău

Year                            2022

Program:                  Residential

Location:                 Bacău

Surface:                  2217 sqm

Status:                     Concept

Located in Bacău, the 12 terraced houses are the result of meticulous planning in the Detailed Urban Plan and Concept phases. Our project reinterprets the concept of row houses, bringing it to new heights. Each residential unit has been designed to strike a harmonious balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The contemporary design seamlessly blends with traditional elements, creating a friendly and sophisticated atmosphere. We paid special attention to green spaces and outdoor arrangements, thus creating an intimate community and a pleasant living environment in the Șerbănești area. The strategic location allows easy access to facilities such as schools, shops, and parks, contributing to the seamless integration of the project into the specific urban context of this area.

Each terraced house has been designed to maximize natural light and encourage a connection with the surrounding environment. Superior-quality materials and fine details confer an elegant appearance and ensure long-term durability. The terraced house project represents not only an architectural expression but also a significant contribution to the distinct urban character of this part of the city.

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