Ineu Fortress

Year                            2020

Program:                  Cultural

Location:                 Ineu

Surface:                  674 sqm

Status:                     PTH

The old citadel of Ineu, located in Arad county, is an example of medieval architecture, with significant historical importance that has Romanesque and neo-Gothic influences dating back to the XIV century. The process of restoring and designing both the exterior and the interior of the citadel, involves the conversion of some spaces by introducing public spaces in the form of exhibition and reading rooms, in order to integrate the objective in the tourist agenda and to offer the possibility of hosting cultural events meant to highlight the potential that the city of Ineu has.

Therefore, the newly designed spaces, aim to accentuate the successive restoration stages the fortress has passed through, and the architectural elements that are able to communicate how these successive historical phases have left their mark on the building. Thus, through the proposed interventions, it was decided to highlight the existing construction components including the original old brick, the arches on the level of the windows and the concrete beams that preceded the renovation operations in the 70s.

The possibility of restoring the identity of the space, without endangering in any way the proportions that give the citadel its unity and recognition as a historical monument, involves fine interventions, especially in furniture, with conversions of the rooms but without demolition or interior reconfiguration. The expected impact is intended to be a positive one, in which the few innovative elements (lighting fixtures, various pieces of furniture) easily find their place in a frame that has a specific athmosphere and that tells with each brick the history of a place with meaning. apart.

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