Individual houses Moara Vlăsiei

Year                            2021

Program:                  Residential

Location:                Moara Vlăsiei

Surface:                  7860 sqm

Status:                     Technical Project

In the heart of Moara Vlăsiei emerges a distinctive residential complex, comprised of 28 houses and two commercial spaces, illustrating a refined and integrated architectural approach. Each energetically independent residence is meticulously designed, reflecting modern principles. The architecture is characterized by clear lines and precise geometry, defining well-defined interior spaces. The houses, distributed in three different typologies, express varied interpretations of contemporary design, tailored to the individual needs of the residents.

The use of high-quality finishes and materials highlights attention to both durability and aesthetics. Natural lighting is maximized, and the relationship with the surrounding environment is emphasized through ample windows and connections between the interior and exterior. Beyond residential functionality, the project incorporates two commercial spaces, contributing to the life of the community. The outdoor design, featuring a generous park, adds a landscaping dimension and provides a meeting and recreation space.

Moara Vlăsiei complex represents a balanced architectural composition, where contemporary aesthetics harmoniously blend with functionality, providing a favorable environment for community life in a natural landscape.


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