Houses Sfantu Gheorghe

Year                            2021

Program:                  Residential

Location:                 Sfantu Gheorghe

Surface:                  660 sqm

Status:                     Opinion

The “Hai Acasă” Program, organized by the Municipality of Sfântu Gheorghe is taking a significant step towards future urban living by developing a diverse developement of row houses. This architectural initiative offers a variety of house typologies to answer to the diverse needs of the community.

The 5 distinct house typologies are designed with flexibility to allow for future expansion, ensuring that the houses can evolve with changes in family needs. Each typology is tailored to a specific lifestyle, ranging from more compact houses for young families to larger and more versatile options.

An essential aspect of this program is the possibility of future expansion, providing residents with flexibility and the opportunity to personalize the space according to their own needs. This approach, it is not only promoting sustainable urban development but also a residential environment adapted to changes in the community and residents’ lifestyles.

The concept of bringing flexibility and adaptability of the space in time indicates a better understanding of the customers potential and how the proposed architecture corresponds to their needs.

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