Gloria Jean’s Cafe

Year                            2020

Program:                  Retail

Location:                 Cluj-Napoca

Surface:                  170 sqm

Status:                      Finished

Gloria Jean’s, a renowned brand that aims to expand its business nationwide, relies on defining elements that come to create an atypical environment for a cafe. Green walls, wooden finish associated with slightly industrial elements, reflect or approach the concept designed to define individual spaces, different courts, in a relatively narrow framework for a wide range of activities.

This space unfolds on three levels, a ground floor intended exclusively for the preparation and serving of coffee but also of the products from the GJ range, in a take-away system.

The cafe starts where the customer chooses to spend time with a good coffee, either outside the terrace overlooking Alexandru Vaida Voivod Street, or inside on the mezzanine level where the we have a bar, a lounge, or even common table. Continuing the staircase leading to the mezzanine, upstairs, the space offers a special perspective to Lake Gheorghieni, making this place a special one.


The project, an atypical one, becomes a defining element for the facade of Iulius Mall Cluj and acts as a magnet for passers-by, with a very good visibility and positioning capable of inviting to explore the interior space, one that once discovered, reflects a vibrant energy. a good place to enjoy a good coffee.

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