Energy Stadium

Year                            2022

Program:                  Sport

Location:                Onești

Surface:                  2763 sqm

Status:                    Feasibility study

Situated within the prestigious Nadia Comăneci Sports Complex in Onești, the Energia Stadium stands out as a subtle and functional architectural expression. Nestled in the urban landscape, the stadium makes a significant contribution to the cityscape. The architecture of the stadium is marked by simplicity and elegance. Fluid lines and modern design come together to create a space dedicated to passion and sports performance. The carefully designed stands provide optimal visibility and comfort for every spectator. State-of-the-art facilities and modern infrastructure underline the commitment to a quality sports experience. The Energia Stadium is not only a venue for competitions but also a space for training, cultural events, and community gatherings. Surrounded by greenery and complementary sports facilities, the stadium becomes an active hub for the local community.

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