Development of CUG Lake Park II

Year                            2022

Program:                  Landscape

Location:                 Iași

Surface:                  272 sqm

Status:                    Feasibility study

As part of the landscapeing design on the shore of the CUG II lake in Iași, an innovative proposal has been outlined, proposal which integrates a wooden pavilion, serving a dual function – boat rental and a café – directly on the canal. The wooden pavilion, situated on the canal itself, becomes a central and distinctive focal point of the project. Its placement on the water’s surface provides a unique experience, enhanced by the direct connection with the canal. Its design emphasizes natural and durable materials, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The design of the CUG II lake shore focuses on comfort and accessibility. Beautifully paved walkways provide a pleasant walking experience, and the area designated for boat rental encourages recreational activities on the water. The collector canal, transformed into a central element of the project, adds a distinct character. The pavilion on the canal not only offers a picturesque view of the water but also brings the community closer to the natural resources in the area. This initiative is not just an arrangement; it’s also a vibrant space, connecting people to nature and providing a haven for relaxation at the edge of the city of Iași.

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