Conac Gradisteanu

Year                            2020

Program:                  Cultural

Location:                 Giurgiu

Surface:                  3896 sqm

Status:                     Opinion

With meticulous attention to historical details, Grădișteanu Manor, Grădiștea village, Giurgiu County, has undergone a careful process of restoration and conversion, emerging as a refined and authentic accommodation ensemble.

The architecture of the manor has been brought to life through the careful restoration of original elements. The architecture project is focused on restoring the original image of the manor by correlating the outside geometry with the new functional demands, in a contemporary and sensitive way, ever connected to the original elements of the building.

Special attention has been given to the restoration of the chapel and the tower on the southwest side, architectural elements which have been brought back to their original state. Each room reflects a subtle blend of history and modernity. The furniture has been carefully selected to combine tradition with refinement, and the colors and textures are chosen to highlight the atmosphere of the manor.

The garden in the inner courtyard has been revitalized in line with the original style, providing a haven of tranquility. The conversion of Grădișteanu Manor has not only been a transformation of spaces but also a careful restoration of history and local identity, offering a unique experience for guests who appreciate authenticity and architectural beauty.

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