Collective Housing Suceava

Year                            2023

Program:                  Residential

Location:                 Suceava

Surface:                  10631 sqm

Status:                    Concept

Located on Tomșa Street in Suceava, the residential complex with a height regime of 2S+P+11 adds a distinctive note to the city’s architecture. This development, with a careful approach to details and functionality, seamlessly blends residential spaces with commercial ones, offering a holistic urban experience. The architectural quality of the building stands out with its contemporary design, clean lines, and balanced forms. The façade is treated with special attention, and this is distinctly reflected on the first three levels, where commercial spaces and services are delicately integrated into the existing context. The careful choice of materials and finishes adds a refined character to the entire ensemble.

The commercial section on the ground floor contributes to the street’s dynamics, bringing increased vitality to the area. Service spaces on the following levels add utility for residents, while the residential units on the upper floors offer panoramic views of the city. The integration into the existing context is intelligently achieved by treating the external envelope at the first three levels. This reflects a particular focus on the relationship with the neighboring building, respecting local architectural characteristics. The visual and aesthetic integrity of the ensemble contributes to urban cohesion and enhances the quality of life in this area.

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