Cinema Dacia

Year                             2019

Program:                     Retail

Location:                    Timișoara

Surface:                     2476 sqm

Status:                       Execution

Cinema Dacia located in Timișoara is part of a series of cultural sites built in the 1970s to ensure the cultural confort of its citizens.

The project aims to build an alternative use of public space, providing a new dimension to the  relationship with Dacia Park. The interior space should define an event that can go beyond the limits of the building and engage in a dialogue with the outer space. That’s why it defines an outward extension of an event that can take many forms, from simple independent film screenings to festivals, conferences, and festivities, designed to showcase the communion of citizens. The proposed façade incorporates a screen for alternating playback of indoor and other events, visible from the park and the residual space in the immediate vicinity.

It is a place that can host temporary exhibitions and thus outlines the possibility of developing large-scale cultural events. The façade preserves the lines of the building’s materiality best represented by the apparent brick, and brings to the foreground, the intervention designed to change the space behind the block so that the community feels a much closer relationship with the urban setting.

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