Church Tăutești

Year                             2019

Program:                    Cultural

Location:                    Tauresti

Surface:                     6775 sqm

Status:                       Under construction

The study on the church in Tăutești involves a staged approach of a project that wants to define the area in the perspective of further development. The location contains the ruins of an old church built in 1840 and destroyed in World War II. It holds a special symbolism and a very important significance for the community, given that the current church was built exactly from the bricks resulting from the destruction of the old building.

At the border between rural and urban, in the immediate vicinity of Iasi, in a developing metropolitan area, the small church serves a relatively small population. The lack of infrastructure, justified by the lack of a clear objective further impedes the development of the area. For this reason, the development of an integrated concept is based on the rehabilitation of the existing building as well as the construction of two secondary buildings, including a bell tower.

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