Ambio Events design

Year                            2023

Program:                  Commercial

Location:                 Iași

Surface:                  400 sqm

Status:                    Finished

Our architecture firm was involved in crafting the interior design for Ambio Events, located in Horpaz, a space dedicated to important events. With focus on balance and harmony, the project stands out for its attention to detail and natural integration into the landscape. The interior design of Ambio Events is defined by elegance and functionality. Natural materials and the color palette contribute to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Every element, from carefully chosen furniture to ambient lighting, is integrated to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The space is configured to allow flexibility in organizing various types of events. The reception area, thoughtfully arranged, creates a welcoming first impression, while the main hall offers a generous and versatile setting for meetings, celebrations, and cultural events. Special attention has been given to ambient lighting, contributing to creating a relaxing and captivating atmosphere. Natural elements such as plants and wooden accents complement the architecture, bringing an authentic touch.

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