Accommodation spaces C16

Year                            2020

Program:                Habitation

Location:                Bucharest

Surface:                  2611 sqm

Status:                    Opinion

The student residence, the C16 building, built in the ’70s, is part of the type of housing program, operates in a university campus in Bucharest, with a height of GF + 2F and an area of ​​2612 m.

Given the functional organizational perspective, which limited adequate accommodation services, led to the adoption of measures to rehabilitate the existing building, as well as rethinking the entire facade in order to have more light and functional spaces. The main interventions aim at removing the battlement of each room and transforming the window into a loggia, with limited access, for a much stronger connection with the outdoor space, dominated by abundant vegetation. Adjacent to the existing building, an extension of a staircase as well as an elevator has been proposed to facilitate access to the covered terrace, which, following the rehabilitation of the building, will become a leisure space for students and seating area.

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